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Coordinate Your Potential with Opportunity & Reward

Welcome I’m thrilled that you’ve chosen to explore it.  Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why me? What can I bring to the table?”

Well, allow me to unravel the mystery and show you why you might be destined to be a star!

Picture this: Ireland, North and South is brimming with creativity and boundless opportunities, yet there’s a tremendous shortage of extraordinary talent in the realms of advertising, marketing, photography, and filmmaking. It’s like a treasure hunt for exceptional individuals like yourself. You may well be called upon to be an Extra, to add depth and charisma to the background of thrilling TV or movie sets. Guess what? No prior experience is required! Just a few captivating photographs that show your unique features combined with the ability to follow directions precisely on a set. For your efforts, you could be earning £150 or more per day. But wait, there’s more!

Imagine being chosen as the face of a television commercial or a poster site. The possibilities are endless, and so are the rewards. Appearing in a Television commercial could earn you over £3,000! It’s a chance to shine, to showcase your talent on the grand stage and leave a lasting impact on audiences. The scarcity of available talent means that the industry is stuck in a cycle of monotony. The “same old sameo” faces and voices constantly grace the screens, radio stations, billboards, and fashion runways. By joining us, you’re breaking free from the mundane and stepping into a world of endless possibilities.

And here’s the best part: signing up is a breeze! All we ask is that applicants be over the age of 18, and committed to an exhilarating journey that might well redefine your life. So what are you waiting for? Unleash your potential, make your mark, let us guide you towards a future that’s nothing short of extraordinary….

Include your pets to your online profile

Whilst Dogs are certainly the most commonly needed for a variety of shows, the opportunities for different pets does come around occasionally.  We are not just looking for domestic pets but also a full barnyard,  including horses, birds insects and reptiles.  So why not include your pets in one of your online photographs. The best way to get noticed and into scenes involving animals.

If you include your pet in your photo I will also add your pet on its own to the ‘PETS’ Profile page FREE!

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