Hints and Tips

How to be a cool as an Extra

How to be a cool Extra – 5 Top  Tips

It’s not difficult being an Extra, but here are some quick tips that will turn you into a great extra.

  • Are you Reliable

Reliability is key in this industry. If you agree to do a job, there is nothing worse than letting Anyone down let alone a whole Film or TV set because you couldn’t be bothered turning up on time, Be honest and be sure that when you say you will be there BE THERE.  If you say – ‘I’ll try to be there’– then don’t bother, you’ve already decided not to do it!   If you decide you don’t want to go, best to let us know as quickly as possible.

  • Are you Available

Having flexibility is important; many productions need people at short notice. Being flexible in your work/study arrangements shows positivity and determination  when it comes to getting more extra work.

  • Is your Profile up to Date

If your look changes then change the photos on your profile. Production companies book you based on your look in the photos so if anything else changes the way you look, you should update your photos.  All photos should be no more than 3 months old.  Perhaps get your measurements re-done as well.

Contact details make sure they are up to date. We can’t book you if we can’t contact you.

If you’ve learnt a new skill, let us know we can add it to your profile. Specific skills are requested from time to time. If its not listed on your profile we won’t find you. Never elaborate your skill because you will need to perform the skill on set if chosen.  If you can’t do it you will be asked to leave…  unpaid.

  • Listen 
  • Try to relax when on set and listen to any instructions the Director or AD will give you and do it without causing a fuss. The best extras are quiet and respectful of everyone’s time and responsibilities.
  • Do not to attract attention

As a background actor, your job is to help create a realistic scene. If you make movements that attract attention, you will be asked to move somewhere where you are less distracting or be asked to leave the set completely possible unpaid.