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Ripley Gant Animal Casting provides domestic, barnyard including horses, birds insects and reptiles for all media and occasions, including stage, screen, and
television, photography and special events. Images of Animals frequently appear in magazines and newspapers and catalogues, to sell and promote products and lifestyles. They have appeared on greeting cards, book jackets and billboards. Dogs, cats even the occasional Tiger has featured in fashion shows sometimes dressed in designer clothing and as many as twenty dogs have appeared in one single television commercial. They have been used in movies, commercials and on television. Can you imagine the number of horses supplied to HBO for Game of thrones alone. Potential animals must be healthy, well-groomed, and well-trained. Make sure that all licensing and permitting is in order for you so that you need never worry about running afoul of regulatory agencies. We make sure that the film / production company will get precisely what they want without compromising an animal’s well-being. Ripley Gant Animal Casting has never had an issue with any government or regulatory animal welfare agency. Apart from the domestic animals… we are looking for exotics such as snakes, monkeys, tropical birds, birds of prey, butterflies, big cats and reptiles of all description. If you think your pet has what it takes to be a star, then submit an application and we will review your details. To register your animal you’ll need to create a Profile for it. The process will take 5-15minutes and you should make sure you have some good pictures of your pet ready. Any-one can join their pet to our Casting agency. Your pet’s profile can then be accessed by agents, photographers and film directors looking for animals to use in various assignments. Your pet can expect to earn anywhere between £30- 90/hour depending on the nature of the job if they are chosen for an assignment. Your pet can be featured on Ripley Gant Casting agency website in just a few simple steps.  We charge 15% commission on any assignments your pet takes part in. This portfolio will include all details about your pet and up to 3 photographs.

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Max. file size: 1 MB.
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