Privacy Policy

We take data protection seriously at Ripley Gant Casting . This Privacy Policy is
to help all on our casting portfolio including (‘you’) to understand what data we
collect and store, how long we keep it for, and how we use it.
What do we collect?
We collect data from you during the application process including:
 Your name, telephone number, and email address; we collect this so that
we can contact you about potential work.
 Your National Insurance number, tax reference, passport details, where
applicable visa details, and your full postal address; we have a legal
responsibility to do so in order that we can confirm you have a right to
work in the UK,
 Other data such as your measurements, skills, experience, and
photographs of you; we need this during the casting process to help
hopefully identify and provide you with suitable work.
 Details of your next of kin; we require this in case of emergency when you
are working on a set.
Once you are approved and on our casting portfolio
 Require you to provide us with a digital photograph of your passport page
and if applicable, your UK visa (proof of your right to work in the UK); this
is to confirm your right to work in the UK and is a legal requirement for us.
 We have to store your bank account details so we can arrange payment
for your work.
 Ask that you obtain and upload an ‘Access N.Ire’ Cert This is optional, but
required to work on some productions.
 Once you have been approved and on our Casting Portfolio you will have
access to your online profile where you will be able to update your own
personal data at any time. This is a web based system accessible on most
The purposes and legal grounds for collecting your data
As we’ve said above, your personal data is stored for a number of different
purposes. We have a legal obligation to do so for processing each purpose.
Legal grounds for using your personal data
• To confirm our contract with you we must be able to contact you (e.g. to
enter you into our database and to communicate with you).
• We have a legal obligation (e.g. to confirm your eligibility to work in the
• An appropriate business need to use your information, which does not
overly prejudice you (e.g. to manage our business operations).
Legal grounds for using your special category data

• You have already given us your explicit consent (e.g. you have provided
information on your race when registering with us).
Legal grounds for using your personal data
• To perform our contract with you (e.g. we need to communicate with you
or make payments).
• We have a relevant legal or regulatory obligation to store your information
for tax purposes should we be asked
• Our business needs to use your information, and that use does not
prejudice you (e.g. to run our business operations efficiently).

Who has access to your data?
• The Ripley Gant Casting employees will have access to and use your data
in order to cast you for jobs. In addition production companies will be passed on
some of your data (such as photographs, skills, measurements, and experience)
for the purposes of casting you.
• When you work the production company will also have your name and
mobile number so that they can communicate with you on the day or if you are
running late.
• We have access to your bank details in order to process payments to you.
• HMRC by law, request us to retain and provide some of your data if
requested to do so.
We use the data that you provide to us for the sole purposes of casting you for
work and running our business, and meeting our legal requirements. We have
agreements in place to make sure that the production companies we work with
comply with data protection law when they process your personal data.
We will never sell or share any of your details with any third party organisation for
any other purposes.
How long do we keep your data?
If you have started but not completed an application with us:
 All of the data you
have provided within 30 days of inaction on your application will be removed from
our system. You can also log back into your application and request removal.
If you are on our Casting Portfolio. After you have been approved we are obliged
to retain your data for up to 3 years, 7 years In the case of HMRC. You may
request removal of your profile data before this time. You may also update your
own online profile at any time. We are required to retain some of your data
especially if you have worked on a production through us.
Your rights
You have the right to request a copy of your personal data that we hold.
Changing your personal data

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to change your personal data
with us. If you are on the Casting Portfolio, you can manage this yourself with
your online organiser, where you will be able to update information such as your
email address, telephone number, and address, as well as your photographs and
details of your skills, measurements and experience.
During the annual renewal process we will also ask you to confirm (and
sometimes re-enter) your information so that your details are kept up to date.
If you are on the Casting Portfolio and you believe that any information we are
holding on you is incorrect or incomplete and are having any difficulty correcting
it yourself, please email us as soon as possible we will correct this information promptly.
You can do this yourself at any time by accessing your account.
Alternatively you can e mail from the e mail
address that you have registered with and include your full name and reason for
removal. We will remove your data from our systems within one month.
If you request removal, we will no longer offer you work.
We are required by law to retain some information, if you have worked through
us we are required to keep information to pass onto HMRC if requested to do so.
This information will be kept solely for that purpose – we do not notify HMRC of
any employment you’ve had with us that is solely your responsibility
Ripley Gant Casting