Terms and Conditions

Please Observe Our Terms

Your contract with us

  1. Please read the terms and conditions below carefully as it forms the binding
    contract (referred to as this“contract”) between you (referred to as “you” or “your”)
    and Ripley Gant Casting of 94 Hamilton Road, Unit F4, Bangor BT20 4LG
    . (referred to as “Ripley Gant Casting” or “we”, “us” or “our”).
  2. By submitting your application to be registered with Ripley Gant Casting you
    agree to be bound by these terms on acceptance of application by Ripley Gant
    Casting. If there is anything you do not understand within these terms and
    conditions please contact us..
  3. We may be required to update The Ripley Gant Casting policy from time to
    time, for example where the requirements of production companies change, so
    please check it regularly.
    How to apply:
  4. You can apply to be included in our casting portfolio (referred to as our “the
    portfolio”) by completing and submitting the online application form. You must
    provide complete and accurate responses to all the information requested on the
    on line or written application including three photographs with a neutral white
    background (full body, Head and shoulders and side profile) taken no more than
    3months previously (this information is called  “your details”.
    The photographs you submit must me approved by Ripley Gant staff before they
    will appear online. Should the photographs be deemed unsuitable – you will be
    advised how to correct any errors.
    Should you be unable to supply these photographs have a facility to shoot your
    three 3 shot portfolio for you if required – the cost relating to this will be supplied
    on request. We reserve the right to publish any application submitted and include it in our portfolio. Requests to remove this profile must be in writing and e mail with proof of identity. This could take up to seven days to complete and we may call you directly to confirm.
  5. Any applications without copy of drivers licence or passport will not be submitted as his is the only way we have of knowing that the application is genuine
  6. We reserve the right to publish any application submitted and include it in our portfolio, regardless whether you have continued to the payment section or not –
  7. in this instance It is unlikely you will be offered any work from us – Requests to remove this profile  must be in writing and e mail with proof of identity included
  8. Any applications without copy of drivers licence or passport will not be submitted as his is the only way we have of knowing that the application is genuine

  9. 5. Important: by making an application: You agree to be bound by this contract
    and to comply with instructions given to you and agreed within the Terms and
    conditions or contact issued by Ripley Gant Casting.
    • You agree that you don’t have any unspent criminal convictions other than
    driving convictions, including sexual offences under the Sexual Offences Act
    2003 or sexual offences NI order 2008
    • You are not on the sex offender’s register and you have never been
    subject to any disciplinary action or sanction relating to vulnerable groups.
    • Under certain circumstances in order to facilitate contract and production
    requirements an Access NI certificate will be required.
    • You agree that either you are not knowingly allergic to any make-up or
    prosthetics, or you have informed us in writing.
    • You confirm that there are no material facts which you consider ought to
    be disclosed and could be pertinent to your engagement, or likely to cause illness
    injury or damage to yourself or others, or you have informed us in writing of such
    • You confirm that you are legally entitled to live and work in the UK.
    • You agree that we may publish your details (including your photographs)
    on our website and any other materials, and forward your details to any

production companies or any other client of Ripley Gant Casting (referred to as
“production companies”) and to contact you with offers of bookings and details of
other productions we are casting for, and about other services related to your
Registration in our portfolio
6. Important: By applying you are not automatically included in our client base
list, and we reserve the right to restrict of refuse application or remove you from
our casting portfolio, for any reason no correspondence or conversation will be
entered into regarding the reasons for refusal. If we refuse your application or we
remove you from our casting portfolio you will be repaid any administration fees
you have paid and this contract will automatically terminate without liability.

  1. You are not officially registered with Ripley Gant Casting until you receive an
    approval email from us, normally 72 hours after your application. It may take us
    longer to review and approve your application during busy periods.
  2. Once you receive your approval email you must upload via our website a
    photocopy of your passport or permit to work in the UK. We are unable to offer
    you any bookings or pay you any fees until we receive this. If you do not upload
    this within 10 days of our approval email we will cancel your application without
    any further notice.
  3. Once you have been approved you will be included in our casting portfolio for
    12 months from approval date. This contract will automatically expire on that
    date. We may contact you prior to that date regarding renewal.
    10. Important: Once your application is accepted, you appoint Ripley Gant
    Casting to act as your agent in finding you bookings Movie & Television
    extras, Photographic, Promotional & Fashion Models, Voice over Artists,
    Pets on Film or other similar work (referred to as “bookings”) with production
    companies in accordance with this contract. You are not in any circumstances
    engaged as an employee or contractor of Ripley Gant Casting.
    11. Important: While we endeavor to find bookings for everyone in our casting portfolio, we make
    no guarantee that we will offer you any bookings at any time.
    Your details and data privacy
  4. You are responsible for the accuracy of all your details you provide to us in
    your application and keeping your details up to date. You can contact us at any
    time to update your details. If we discover that any of your details are materially
    inaccurate we reserve the right to remove you from the portfolio and terminate
    this agreement.
  5. You must also ensure that your bank account details are correct and kept up
    to date as we pay your fees by BACS to your account. Should you change your
    bank account / Payment details without informing us, we are not responsible for
    retrieving any payment from the bank account details you have provided to us.
  6. You must ensure that all physical descriptions and measurements are
    accurate and are kept up to date and your photographs accurately represent how
    you look. If you fail to do so, this may result in your being sent home from a
    booking unpaid.
    You can change your details and photographs often if you wish.
  7. Where we do not accept you onto our casting portfolio, we will delete your
    data within one month, and refund your administration fee.
  8. Under the Data Protection Act (1998) and GDPR (2018), we are the data
    controller of all your details we hold. We will use your details only for purposes
    related to this contract, or as agreed or permitted by law, including contacting you
    with offers of bookings and details of other productions we are casting for, and
    about other services related to your bookings. We will use appropriate measures
    to keep your details safe and secure. We will not sell or trade your personal
    information. For more information about privacy and data, please read our full
    privacy statement…
  9. We will keep an archive of your details for so long as you remain on our
    casting portfolio plus we are obliged under the Statue of Limitations to keep this
    information for 6 years should you leave. We will need to keep some personal
    details relating to any work you have done for legal reasons.
    Our fees
  10. To register you will pay an administration fee of £25 to be registered on the
    Ripley Gant Casting web site. This fee covers our administration costs and the
    cost of entry into the casting portfolio and once registered is therefore non-
  11. We also deduct a 15% commission from all fees you receive for bookings
    which we arrange for you (referred to as “our commission”).
  12. You are not obliged to accept any booking offered to you. Once you accept a
    booking you must keep yourself free for the whole of that day. This applies even
    where a booking is for only part of a day, for example for a costume fitting, incase
    a shoot runs over time in which case you will be paid.
  13. From time to time we may contact you to offer you bookings. We are not
    obliged to offer you any bookings at any time.
  14. If for any reason you do become unavailable for a booking you have
    accepted, you must contact the person at Ripley Gant Casting who booked you
    for that job as soon as possible. Important: If you fail to turn up for any booking
    without good reason, we may remove you from our portfolio.
    23. Important: Production companies are entitled to cancel any booking without
    charge up to 5.30 pm the day before the booking. We will notify you as soon as
    practicable after we receive notice of cancellation of your booking. If cancelled
    you receive no fee.
  15. You must comply with any instructions set out by the production company
    you are contracted to.
    25. Important: When you have accepted a booking, if you do not re-confirm your
    availability to us by email, text or telephone on the day before a booking, before
    4pm, we are entitled to replace you without further notice to you. This means that
    the production will not allow you on set and you will not be paid.
    26. Important: Non-attendance and lateness are very damaging to our
    professional reputation so we enforce a strict ‘three strikes’ and you’re out rule.

If any person who does not attend two different bookings within a 12 month
period then a written warning will be given. If that same person then fails to
attend a third booking in that 12 month period this will result in automatic removal
from our portfolio. However, if it’s an emergency and you need to drop out of a
job it’s important you tell us as soon as possible we may reconsider.
• In office hours: You need to call the office on telephone number and speak
to the person who booked you.
• Out of office hours: If at any point you think you cannot attend a booking
and it’s out of hours, you MUST call the person who booked you on their
emergency mobile number to explain. You will find this on your emailed details.
Your assignment

  1. Your engagement on any booking is subject to a separate contract with the
    production company. This will be a standard version of a production company
    agreement, which you agree to be bound by.
  2. Some production companies make changes to this agreement, and the
    applicable version will be sent to you in the email from Ripley Gant Casting
    before each booking you for each engagement. Some production companies
    may require you to sign a written contract with them, others may not. If for any
    reason you are not able to sign this you give Ripley Gant Casting the right to sign
    this on your behalf as your agent.
  3. In any event, by attending the production location for the engagement you will
    be deemed to be bound by that production company agreement for that
  4. You must arrive at the production location by the call time you are given. If
    you are late the production may not allow you on set and you will not be paid.
  5. While you are on set (or on any transportation to set provided by the
    production company) you must:
    •Be professional and courteous to anyone you cone into contact with on the set
    at all times.
    • Not make any video/film or sound recording or take any photographs;
    • Depending on the production you may not be allowed to have your
    phone/camera with you during your time on set
    • Comply with any rules and regulations set by the production company; and
    follow any instructions given to you.
    32. Important: While you are on set (or on any transportation to set provided by
    the production company) Ripley Gant Casting is not liable if you are injured
    (unless it is caused by our negligence or breach of duty ) or for any loss of,
    damage or theft of any of your personal possessions. The production company is
    responsible for taking out personal injury or liability insurance to cover you while
    you are on set.
  6. If your behavior on set (or on any transportation to set provided by the
    production company) is considered by us or the production company as
    unacceptable or inappropriate, including your behavior towards any member of
    Ripley Gant Casting or any production staff member, or if you misrepresent
    Ripley Gant Casting in any way, you may be required to leave the set, the
    production company may not pay you for the booking, and we reserve the right to remove you from the casting portfolio.
  1. If the production company asks, you must sign a release form (this permits
    the production company to use images, films and recordings of you). The
    production company may not pay you if you do not sign this form. You also
    authorise us to sign any release form requested by a production company on
    your behalf. If you fail to sign a release form on the day, we may sign it on your
    behalf, to ensure that you get paid.
    35. Important: If you have any problems or queries when you are on set, you
    must contact Ripley Gant Casting and not the production company. If necessary
    we will raise this with the production company on your behalf. Of course, if there
    is any immediate risk to anyone’s health or safety you should immediately raise
    this the appropriate person on set.
    Important: The work you do on any booking is strictly confidential, and you must
    not disclose any details to any person. For example:
    • At the initial stage of any engagement – prior to any book you may be required
    to sign our own (NDA) Non-Disclosure agreement,
    • You must not make any video/ film or sound recording or take any photographs
    while on any set.
    • You must not contact any journalist, newspaper, magazine or other
    publication about any production you have worked on.
    • You must not post any comments or photographs on any website, blog or
    social network about any production you have worked on this includes Facebook,
    Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp or any other social media platform.
    • Production may also ask you to sign their own (NDA) Non-Disclosure
    To you breach any clause within the NDA could result in court action and
    personal liability and you will be immediately and permanently removed you from
    our portfolio and not be paid for the work done.
  2. You authorise Ripley Gant Casting to receive all fees from production
    companies for your bookings, on your behalf. These fees will be deposited into
    our client account. You consent to use Ripley Gant Casting’s ‘secure on line
  3. Within 10 working days of our receiving your fees (this could be up to six
    weeks after you have completed the booking, but is sometimes longer depending
    on the production company) we will deduct our 15% commission then pay the
    balance of the payment directly into your bank account by BACS. We will also
    email you your remittance. Please note: We only send remittances by email.
  4. Ripley Gant Casting cannot pass payment to you until the production
    company has made payment to us. If a production company fails to pay us, we
    will chase them for payment on your behalf. You authorise us to issue
    proceedings against any production company for unpaid fees on your behalf.
    However, Ripley Gant Casting is not liable to you for any fees which a production
    company fails to pay Ripley Gant Casting.
  5. If you receive and accept any fees directly from the production company you
    accept to be personally liable for our fees after for our commission
  6. On some TV and film productions, you will be given a salary voucher (a chit)
    at the beginning of each filming day. It is your responsibility to keep hold of this,
    make sure it is signed at the end of each day by an appropriate member of the
    production company, and return it to the production company. You will receive a
    copy of your salary voucher which you must keep as proof that you worked that
    day. The production company may refuse to pay you if it does not receive a
    signed salary voucher at the end of the day.
  7. If the production company does not provide you with a salary voucher it is
    your responsibility to keep a record of all times and dates that you worked. If you
    work any overtime, you must email details of this to your contact at Ripley Gant
    Casting the next day. If you do not, you may not receive payment for this. You
    consent to use Ripley Gant Casting’s ‘Paperless Payments’ system for digital
    signatures. We use these systems where the production company agrees.
    Taxes and National Insurance
  8. For tax purposes, you are considered self-employed. You are therefore
    responsible for paying your own income tax and completing your own annual tax
    return. For more details please contact your local tax office or independent
    financial advisor.
  9. In the agreement at the beginning you are considered self-employed for
    National Insurance purposes. You will not have a National Insurance deduction
    from your payment and you will receive all payments without National Insurance
    deductions. You will be responsible for paying any National Insurance and where
    applicable. National Insurance which will be payable along with your self-
    assessment income tax. Under no circumstances are you considered an
    employee of The production company or Ripley Gant Casting
    45: If you think there might be an error in your rate of pay for a particular day you
    must email the person who booked you for the job. You have 2 working days
    from the day you worked to report any error in your rate of pay. Errors reported
    outside this time may not be paid if production refuse.
  10. This contract will automatically expire 12 months from approval date. We may
    contact you prior to that date regarding renewal.
  11. You may terminate this contract at any time by providing us with 30 days
    written notice. You or we may terminate this contract at any time by serving
    written notice on the other if the other is in material or persistent breach of this
    contract. In both cases, we will immediately cancel all bookings which were due
    after termination.
  12. On expiry or termination, we will immediately remove you from our casting
    portfolio. We will continue to pay you any fees paid by production companies
    (after deducting our commission) which we receive after termination for bookings
    you attended prior to termination.
  13. Expiry or termination of this contract will not prejudice any rights or remedies
    which have arisen under this contract prior to that date.


  1. You are not entitled to sub-contract, assign, transfer, or otherwise dispose of
    your rights or obligations under this contract.
  2. We may update the guide which will be available on our website, but without
    specific notice to you. Otherwise, this contract may be varied by us on 30 days
    written notice to you.
  3. If you or we fail to require the performance of any terms of this contract or
    you or we waive any breach of this contract, this will not prevent you or we later
    enforcing such term, nor be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach of this
  4. Should any provision of this contract be declared invalid for any reason, such
    decision will not affect the validity of any remaining provisions which will remain
    in force and effect. In those circumstances, we are entitled to replace the invalid
    provision with a provision of similar or equivalent economic effect, by written
    notice to you.
  5. Nothing in this contract is intended to or shall operate to create a contract of
    employment, partnership or joint venture of any kind between you and us, or to
    authorise you to act as our agent. You shall not have authority to act in the name
    or on behalf of or otherwise of Ripley Gant Casting in any way.
  6. Whenever under this contract any sum of money is payable by or recoverable
    from you and due to us, then we may deduct or set-off the amount of such sum
    from any fees we receive on your behalf, and we will notify you that we have
    done this.
  7. Nothing is this contract confers any rights or benefits on any person or legal
    entity other than you or us.
  8. This contract constitutes the entire agreement and supersedes all previous
    verbal or written agreements between you and us. Except for the information you
    provide to us before your application, or otherwise as expressly stated in this
    contract, neither you nor us have relied upon any statement or representation
    made by the other in entering into this contract.
  9. This contract, both in written form and on-line and all matters regarding the
    interpretation or enforcement words of this contract regardless of where the job
    booked takes place and any other matters or disputes arising in connection with
    it shall be governed by Northern Ireland law and you and we hereby submit to the
    exclusive jurisdiction of the Northern Ireland courts.